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24 Years of Successful ASIC Design

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GarField/Matrics Ltd.

Silicon Chip Design Services

GarField/Matrics has been a leading digital and analogue design house and fabless silicon chip supplier for over 24 years. We offer services including IP design and full custom ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) design from specification, design and layout through to fabrication, test and supply of final product using a range of foundries.

A key service offered by the GarField/Matrics organisation is the sourcing and supply of the final devices from the wide range of designs successfully undertaken by the company in the last 24 years.

With a wealth of high quality digital and analogue design and digital and analogue layout experience, GarField/Matrics has developed an extensive range of silicon proven custom IP blocks from PLLs to complete product designs. We supply a qualified Ethernet Phy ASIC to the Avionics industry and we supply a Space qualified device to the Space industry. We have ASICs in very high volume production such as a Household Appliance Management System ASIC.



Our markets are diverse and we design and supply silicon devices for many markets including industrial, consumer, avionics and space.


Design Process

We utilise the latest CMOS, BICMOS and SiGe technologies from key foundries and we use industry standard tools for design, simulation and layout.


Recent Projects

Take a look at a selection of our recent projects, which provides an overview of the Application-Specific Integrated Ciruit (ASIC) development process.