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24 Years of Successful ASIC Design

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With our highly experienced team of IC design engineers and IC layout engineers, GarField/Matrics can offer a wide range of services including IP, RF, ASIC and FPGA design and full custom IC design from specification to final product. As increased density, complexity and shorter development timescales in the microelectronics industry are required, GarField/Matrics has the team with the necessary experience and the tools to meet the challenge.

A key service offered by the GarField/Matrics organisation is in the sourcing and supplying of the final devices from the wide range of designs successfully undertaken by the company in the last 22 years.

The GarField/Matrics TOTAL SILICON SOLUTION has been developed over many years and has resulted in establishing strong links to some of the most prestigious silicon foundries in the market, allowing us to provide silicon solutions to our customers whether they require leading edge (40mn or less) to the "bread and butter" technologies used in many low cost and high usage applications.


Through our strong partnerships with ALL elements of the device supply chain and our ISO 9001:2008 certification, our TOTAL SILICON SOLUTION service provides our customers with:

  • Low risk

  • Low cost

  • Secure route of supply

  • Flexibility

  • Inventory control

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Design Process

A key strength of GarField/ Matrics is its mixed signal ASIC design experience


Successful supply of a product relies on a number of important specifications